The Summer TV/Film Season Has Arrived! Here’s What To Expect

Game of Thrones is over and there are only two episodes left of Mad Men. Meanwhile, Man of Steel premieres Friday, True Blood season six starts on Sunday, and in two short weeks Dexterreturns for its eighth and final season. In other words, the summer movie/TV season is officially here!

Here’s a breakdown of some of the movies and TV shows we’ve all been waiting for. Which are you most excited for? Let us know!


Man of Steel (June 14): The Superman story rebooted. Again. Can modern special effects really bring the story of the Man of Steel to life?

World War Z (June 21): This movie looks epic, despite or because of Brad Pitt, depending where you stand. Zombie movies aren’t new, but the hordes of zombies clawing up walls makes our jaws drop.

The Lone Ranger (July 3):The Lone Ranger was originally a radio show character that became a popular TV and book series during the 1950’s. Now Johnny Depp is playing Tonto. It’s a remake/adaptation (like all movies seem to be today) but it should still be good, right?

Pacific Rim (July 12): An homage rather than an adaptation, which gives it immediate street cred. Giant robots battling against each otherGodzilla style… Can’t go wrong with that.

The Wolverine (July 24): Yes it’s an adaptation/sequel, but… well, we got nothing. Just enjoy the special effects.


True Blood (June 16): Now that Bill (Stephen Moyer) is some sort of super-vampire reincarnation of Lillith AKA Billith, what, oh what, will become of our dear Snookie, excuse us, Sookie (Anna Paquin), Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), the Vampire Authority, and all of humanity?

Dexter (June 30): Every season we see Dexter (Michael C. Hall) escape by the skin of his teeth. In this giant two season series finale loop, however, Dexter is as close as ever to being caught. But the really exciting part is seeing how Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) adapts to being a murderer now that she’s killed LaGuerta (Lauren Velez).

Breaking Bad (August 11): Technically this is not the season premiere of Breaking Bad. It’s been a year since season 5–which was split into two parts–first aired, and now part two is set to begin in August. Walter White (Bryan Cranston) beat cancer, killed off one of the meth industry’s biggest suppliers, and is now running an empire of his own. Will he be able to maintain his relationship with Jesse (Aaron Paul) or will certain truths unfold to destroy them?

-Carlos Delgado and Cody Black, CBS Radio


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