In honor of the fast-approaching Father’s Day, we thought you could all use a little laugh. There are some men on this earth who are born with that natural bone in their body to be a great dad. Others, on the other hand, are not natural-born fathers.

Check out our list of some of the Worst TV Fathers that have ever graced the small screen, and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

10. Chet Hunter, Boy Meets World

Oh Chet. It’s no wonder Shawn turned out the way he did. Troubled. Maybe if you cared more about your son than chasing after a wife (that obviously doesn’t want to be found) he would have turned out more like the Matthews… on second thought, maybe it’s a good thing you were never there.

Pudding proof: “I said, “Honey, it’s a – Honey?” Oh, but don’t blame her. She wasn’t the motherly type. She was more… how can I put this delicately… a stripper.”

9. Red Forman, That 70′s Show

This guy just wasn’t meant to have children apparently. I don’t think he’s ever been genuinely hugged in his life.

Pudding proof: Red: “Eric, didn’t I tell you to wash up for dinner. I know, it’s difficult to hear with your head up your ass.”

8. Thatcher Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

If a list existed that compiled the Wimpiest TV Dads, this guy would have definitely been number #1. What kind of man accepts his wife’s affair without question then leaves one day and starts a new family? C’mon Thatcher! Grow a pair!

Pudding proof: Thatcher: ”Yeah. I… I didn’t know what to say to her. She looks… so much like her mother. Ellis was cold. I mean, I was a coward, I was. I left. But her mother would never let me know her and now I don’t know how to know her.”

7. William van der Woodsen, Gossip Girl

Basically, we didn’t even know the man existed until we were about three season into the show. So Serena went to boarding school, was suspected for murdering someone, and then went through all those tabloid rumors, and that couldn’t even make the guy resurface? Talk about dead beat. At least he’s got his looks.

Pudding proof: William van der Woodsen: ” have a lot to make up for.” Eric van der Woodsen: ”I’m sorry. The window for that closed somewhere between my 12th birthday and, um my suicide attempt.”

6. Conrad Grayson, Revenge

Kudos to the guy for continuing to raise a daughter he later found out wasn’t his, but it still doesn’t excuse the fact that he’s tried to kill everyone around him, including his own son Daniel. This guy has some serious anger problems.

Pudding proof: Conrad: “If you’re thinking of jumping, allow me to assist you.”

5. Peter Griffin, Family Guy

You  know him. You love him.

Pudding proof: Peter Griffin: ”And Meg when I get through with you, you’re gonna be beating guys off with both hands!” Meg Griffin: “This is gonna be so fun!”  Peter Griffin: “Hey! Zip it! Rule number one: No speaky until the man speaky to you.”

4. Homer Simpson, The Simpsons

Quite simply. He gives the worst advice of all time.

Pudding proof: Homer: ”Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.”

3. Dan Scott, One Tree Hill

Where do we even start? He abandoned his pregnant wife at 17 to play college basketball, got married three months later to his Baby Mama #2, had the nerve to raise his new family in the same town as his first-born son and Baby Mama #1, and then there was the whole Cane-And-Able-Kill-My-Brother-In-Cold-Blood thing… But it is safe to say that no matter how many times he did wrong, he never stopped loving his sons… in a weird, villainous kind of way.

Pudding proof: Nathan Scott [to Dan]: ”You know, I can justify a lot of screwed-up things that you’ve done. You bullied me because you wanted to make me tough. You tried to ruin my marriage because you wanted me to have a career. You even burned down your diner just because you wanted to see me again. But I can’t understand how you could murder your own brother. And I’m worried. I’m worried that when you’re gone, that’s all I’ll remember. And I’ll still hate you for it.”

2. “Control”/ Mysterious Man, Scandal

We don’t need to explain much. We all asked the same question. “Who is this black man trying to kill Olivia Pope?” Not only is he the head of B6-13 — the same people who tortured poor Huck for all those years — but we found out that he is Olivia’s father!

Pudding proof: [Olivia slides into mysterious limo after reporters bombard her with questions about an affair with the president. She looks up] Olivia: “Dad?”

1. Robert Bowers, Deception

Let’s see. Behind all that gray, those sad blue eyes, and a convincing smile is a father who hid his oldest son’s murder, concealed the fact that his daughter got impregnated by a 40-something man when she was only 16, and let’s not forget that he later KILLED her with his bare hands for exposing his fraudulent multi-million dollar company after penning it on his oldest son! Daddy of the year folks.

Pudding Proof:  Mia: “Dad this is Edward we are talking about, he’s your son what’s going on?” Robert: “He’s not my son not anymore.”

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