Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

A recent article by the Business Insider mentioned a Reddit thread in which non-American users were asked to list things they find weird about American culture.

Here are the things we do that the rest of the world considers to be strange:

  1. Drive Everywhere. Our country is one of the biggest in the world, and it astonishes outsiders how willing we are to sit in a car for 15-20 hours driving ourselves to a destination for just a couple of days.
  2. Buying Anything At Wal-Mart. It strikes some people as odd that we can buy baby formula, toilet paper, and a shotgun in the same store.
  3. Price Tags. Most American price tags do not reflect the cost of sales taxes in the price shown.
  4. Weird Puritanism. Americans cannot separate nudity from sex, but it’s completely okay to show violence and gore on primetime television.
  5. Cheese. Our consumption of cheese would put the French to shame. Cheese pizza, mac’n’cheese, nachos, fried cheese sticks… yeah, we eat a lot of cheese.
  6. Pumpkin Everything. We have a seasonal obsession with the orange vegetable to the point where we flip out when Starbucks unleashes the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. To everyone else in the world, we are drinking vegetable flavored coffee.
  7. Cheerleaders. Going back to our weird puritanism, we’re perfectly fine with young girls bouncing around in short skirts cheering on young men.
  8. Flags. We make a big deal about our Grand Ol’ Flag, and we start that at a young age. Reddit user izzielosthermind says, “I work at a summer camp and there is nothing funnier than watching the international counselors be totally weirded out by the flag ceremony we have every morning/evening (5-7 camper colorguard raises flag, salutes, 60-90 people recite pledge and girl scout promise in unison, we turn on our heels and file out silently in the morning, in the evening we fold the flag, sing taps, turn on our heels and file out silently to dinner)
  9. Taking Coffee And Food Everywhere. In Europe, eating meals are events to gather around a table, sit down, and enjoy the food and company. Coffee shops are places to sit down and enjoy the coffee. However, we snarf and slurp our food and drink on the go.
  10. Being Obsessed With Alma Mater. In other countries, colleges are where you go for education, and at graduation, you’re over and done with it. Americans still follow their old college teams for year after graduation and proudly fly their college colors.
  11. The Big Fuss Over Prom. Other countries just don’t have the rigamarole that American teens have to jump through just to ask someone to a dance. They just show up and dance.
  12. White Teeth Mania. While everyone is on board with the importance of dental hygiene, our obsession with white teeth betrays an obsession with our appearance.
  13. Being Obsessed With Being The Best Country In The World. Let’s face it, we are a pretty blessed nation. We have 100s of different cultures and ethnicities living peaceably in close proximity.

What do you think of this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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