Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It’s the unofficial starts of summer and we’re ready to throw some weenies on the grill, crack open an ice-cold beverage, and throw our lawn chair into the kiddie pool as we soak in some tasty rock ‘n roll jams.

None of that chirpy bubblegum pop, we want brazen guitar riffs that will melt our swimsuits off and drumming so vicious that our hair perms ’80s style.

Let’s recreate that feeling of summer when we were in school, that feeling of freedom, the feeling of rebellion, that feeling of not having to pay the bills. Those were the days.

“Summer Nights”-Van Halen

“Summer nights and my radio. That’s all we need baby, don’t you know.” Van Halen has it right, although some air-conditioning, a freezer full of popsicles, and a scantily-clad wifey will really enhance your JACK FM listening pleasure. Trust us.

“Summertime Girls” – Y&T

Hanging on the beach, there are lots of pretty girls, all of them you can imagine having summer flings with. Most of us will go home alone and sulk in the summer night, but Y&T at least gives us a modicum of hope.

“California Girls”-David Lee Roth

Katy Perry ruined the concept of California girls but David Lee Roth took the Beach Boys classic, reworked it for the cheesy, sex-fueled ’80s and kept it awesome. Plus, it’s impossible not to love Roth in this video. He’s our hero.

“Summer (Can’t Last Too Long)” – Asia

Summer vibes are all about long days full of sunshine and everlasting fun. As Californians, we’re lucky in that a sort of summer exists for us all year-long mostly, but when our real summer comes, it’s as magical as all the movies make it out to be. We have the sun, surf, mountains, and the hottest girls in the country.

“Girls In Their Summer Clothes”-Bruce Springsteen

Speaking of girls, Bruce Springsteen shouts out all the hotties stripped of their drab winter garments and wearing short shorts and sundresses. Although we feel like the Boss might be able to get some girls in their summer…nothing. Like, literally, no clothes.

“Hotter Than Hell”-KISS

“She looked hotter than hell, all dressed in satins and lace.” Well, her first issue is that she’s wearing satin in summer. That is just insane. Of course she’d be hot. We recommend linen or 100% cotton. Or no clothes. See above.

“Summertime Rolls”-Jane’s Addiction

This song is for those lazy summer afternoons when everything is too hot to move and you just want to sleep under a sprinkler staring at the clouds go by.

“Hot In The City”-Billy Idol

“It’s hot here at night, lonely, black and quiet. On a hot summer night, don’t be afraid of the world we made on a hot summer night.”  Billy Idol sings this all while stripping out of layers of black leather with women dressed in black leather dancing behind him and yet it all makes sense and none of it makes us feel like we’d smother to death in the hot city which is probably exactly what would happen.

“Hot Blooded“-Foreigner

Do you do more than dance? Because I have a fever of 103 and I really might need a nurse. A wet nurse and a sponge bath. Thanks baby.

“School’s Out”-Alice Cooper

This is the quintessential summer song, no matter how old you are. It evokes memories of sweltering summer days, the window units in stuffy classes blowing in stale air, and exhausted teachers handing out cupcakes while all the kids impatiently wait for the bell to ring. When it does, everyone rushes out, papers scattering everywhere, and the whole year that you felt like a slave to the man, you finally feel free. It’s just you and the summer and nothing can touch you.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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