Date night. It’s usually dinner, drinks, maybe some dancing, or maybe a movie. If you’re lucky, the evening will have a romantic ending. What we may not consider is what affect different foods can have on our lovemaking. Yahoo! Shine recently posted a list of foods to avoid eating before getting passionate.

 Hot Dogs – The shape of this favorite summer snack certain can suggest quite a bit, but the high saturated fat content of this staple clogs the arteries in your necessary bits putting the kibosh on sexy time.

Peppermint – You’d think fresh breath would green light a night of passion, but it’s the menthol in peppermint that can cause testosterone levels to drop, taking your sex drive with it. It’s not just mints to avoid; chewing gum brings air into the digestive system that can cause you to burp. We all know how sexy belches can be.

Tonic Water – Bubbly drinks like tonic water and fizzy sodas can make you gassy and bloated. If the embarrassment of belching and tooting doesn’t kill the mood, looking and feeling like a blimp from the gas build up will definitely put a damper on things.

French Fries – French fries might be great any other time, but they are just plain bad for you if you’re planning to get intimate. Just like hot dogs, the fat content of fries can wreak havoc on your circulation not to mention testosterone levels. The high sodium content can also cause water-retention (more un-sexy bloating) and make trouble downstairs for guys with high blood pressure.

Tofu – Vegetarians might want to consider another source of protein on date nights. The plant-based phytoestrogens of soy-based foods can flood your system with extra estrogen and drown the sex-drive.

Bowls of Oatmeal – One bowl isn’t bad for breakfast, but the more oatmeal you eat, your body releases a stress-reducing chemical called seratonin. A little of it is good for getting in the mood, but bowl after bowl of oatmeal can lower sexual desire. Not to mention the high fiber of oatmeal can make you feel gassy.

Check out the full list of foods to avoid at Yahoo! Shine.


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