Dog lovers know that their four-legged friends will eat just about anything. One dog’s expensive snack has earned he and his owner a whopper of a story.

Wayne Kinkel, his wife, and his 12-year-old golden retriever Sundance were on a road trip from Helena, Montana to Denver, Colorado to visit the couple’s daughter and family. While stopping to grab a bite to eat, they left Sundance, 5 $100 bills, and a $1 bill in the car. When they returned to the car, they found the $1 and half of a $100 in the front seat and a guilty-looking Sundance in back.

“Sundance is notorious for eating anything and everything, so right away I knew what happened,” Klinkel told Helena’sIndependent Record.

Kinkel spent the next few days following Sundance around and digging bits and pieces of paper out of his poo. His daughter, too, collected pieces of paper from her yard after the snow melted and brought them to Montana with her on a later visit. Kinkel soaked the pieces in a 5 gallon bucket of water anda lot of soap. He then painstakingly taped the bills back together and put them in individual plastic baggies.

After some failed trips to local banks, some who laughed at him, Klinkel was finally told he needed to send the mutilated money directly to the Treasury Department. There, he was told, an expert would examine the bills and possibly send a reimbursement check.

Klinkel may be out $500 for a little while, but he has a heck of a story.


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