It seems like we’ve been waiting forever for Season 6 of Mad Men. Thankfully for Mad Menfans, the show premieres this Sunday on AMC at 9/8c.

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Last season, we were met with a lot of changes and tons of evolution on the part of Don Draper’s leading ladies–Betty, Joan, Megan, Sally, and Peggy.

Here’s our speculation on what will happen this season with Don and his ladies, plus a corresponding song.

“Detachable Penis” – King Missile

Jon Hamm has been getting a lot of press lately for his, ummmm, ham. Apparently he’s a pretty big deal. It’s a weird twist of fate, or maybe all a ploy by press, that a man renowned for his objectification of women in the pretend ’60s is getting an equal amount of objectification in real-life today.

Will that be something that translate into the new season? Don Draper has been coming to an impasse of sorts when it comes to his power over women.

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain//Getty Images

Photo by Pascal Le Segretain//Getty Images

“Black Betty”-Spiderbait

Does Betty Draper (ermmm whatever her new husband’s last name is) have a heart as black as soot or is she just misunderstood? She is so used to being passive to men and repressing that anger, but it also seems like Betty might be learning some valuable life lessons–and that Sally might be the one to teachicon1 Six Songs (& Speculation) For ‘Mad Men’ Season 6 them to her.

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

“Maneater”-Daryl Hall & John Oates

Last season, hottie Megan Draper really showed up Betty in every way, including her relentless desire for personal freedom and expression. Megan might be a little too hot-blooded for the now aging Don. She’s young, strong-willed, and very domineering sexually.

She’s a modern woman coming to terms with the antiquated ideals that have shackled her down for so long. We have a feeling Don’s going to be coming to terms with the beast within his beauty. Will she leave him for her acting dreams?

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

“Invincible”-Pat Benatar

Or will Don finally realize that his “dream woman” is Joan Harris nee Holloway, who he adamantly protected when the other demanded she sell her body to a client and who just gets him. Now that she’s a partner, Joanie can play ball with the boys–all while retaining her femininity.

Sounds too much like a fairytale for the story to have a completely happy ending. We’re sure she’ll be going through some difficulties with the men of Mad Men.

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

“Back On The Chain Gang”-The Pretenders

Peggy was a huge part of Don’s life, but after Don offers her money when all she wanted was recognition, Peggy moves onto a competing firm called Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough. Here’s the thing, though: Don is one of the only people who knows Peggy Olson’s secrets.

At that time, having that kind of “baggage” as a woman was looked down upon. Will Peggy strive at her new job or will her secrets–and maybe her obvious love of Don as a father figure–have her back with Don by the end of the season?

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

Photo by Jason Merritt//Getty Images

“Cherry Bomb”-The Runaways

The real ringer in this story is probably Sally. The young lady is growing up into something of a sassy, sophisticated spitfire. She’s the perfect mixture of Don, Betty, and even Megan. She’s intelligent and self-aware  and coming of age in a time when those qualities are valued.

Will she become a hippie or civil rights activist? A modern feminist wunderkind? One thing’s for certain, Sally will rival both her father and mother in all ways.

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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