April Fool’s Day… also known as the only day you can be a total ass to people without consequence. It’s a great opportunity to embarrass your boss and coworkers, ’cause you’re cool like that!

To give you some ideas, Jack’s compiled some of our favorite office pranks. Why not use it to your full advantage? What better way to embarrass your coworkers and boss on these…

Seran Wrapped Car

car small The Best April Fools Pranks For Your Office

What you need:  Several roles of Cling Wrap

What to do:  Preferably with the help of a friend, wrap the Cling Wrap all the way around the front of your boss’s caricon1 Jack FMs Best April Fool’s Pranks For Your Office. Start at the driver’s side door, go over the top of the car to the passenger side. Repeat enough times that it’s impossible for the person to get in the car.

Stale Donuts

donuts small The Best April Fools Pranks For Your Office

Mario Tama / Getty Images

What you need:  A dozen donuts, but make sure to buy them a couple days beforehand

What to do:  Make a big deal about bringing donuts in for everyone…how you’re a great person, blah blah blah. The more pumped you get people for free donuts, the more pissed they’re going to be when it turns out they’re stale bricks.

And you could always sneeze on them for good measure.

Covered Toilet Seat

toilet small The Best April Fools Pranks For Your Office

ROBYN BECK / AFP / Getty Images

What you need:  Cling Wrap (you should probably just stock up on the stuff)

What to do:  Before your coworkers get to the office, go into the office can. Lift up the toilet seats and cover them with a single sheet of Cling Wrap. Set the seats back down and leave before you get caught.

Water Cup Trick

cup prank small The Best April Fools Pranks For Your Office

What you need:  20 or more plastic cups, stapler, and water

What to do:  Set the cups side by side on your coworkers desk or on the floor, then fill them with water. Staple them together at the top, then sit back and wait for the fun.

Gift Wrapped Cubicle

gift wrap small The Best April Fools Pranks For Your Office

JOEL SAGET / AFP / Getty Images

What you need: LOTS of seriously ugly wrapping paper and tape

What to do:  Get to the office before your coworkers (or do it the night before if you hate getting up early). Pick a coworker that you hate and take every single freaking article off of their desk and wrap it.

Repeat over and over–don’t forget the desk–until their cubicle looks like a Christmas explosion.


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