First there was the Death Star petition, which although completely awesome, was admittedly pretty far fetched. It was easy for politicians to blow off that one. But now there’s a new petition on that is not only totally feasible, but is actually a fairly brilliant idea. And it’s definitely not what the White House in mind when it created the internet petition page.

J.S. of St. Louis, Missouri petitioned the Obama administration to “Require Congressmen & Senators to wear logos of their financial backers on their clothing, much like NASCAR drivers do.”

We’re not sure what we like more: the sheer genius of the idea of the NASCAR connection.

As described by J.S., “Since most politicians’ campaigns are largely funded by wealthy companies and individuals, it would give voters a better sense of who the candidate they are voting for is actually representing if the company’s logo, or individual’s name, was prominently displayed upon the candidate’s clothing at all public appearances and campaign events.”

J.S. goes on to say the size of the logo would change depending on the amount of the donation. In other words, the bigger the financial backer, the bigger the logo.

Transparency in politics. We love it. Currently the petition has 23,145 votes at the time of writing, with 76, 855 needed for an official response from the White House.

Do you love America (pronounced mur-ca) and NASCAR? Then make your voice heard. We made the White House respond to the Death Star petition. We can do it again.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio



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