by a Redhead

Haven’t given much thought to being with a redhead? Think again. With approximately 1% of the population born with red hair, this rare and often misunderstood group tends to be dismissed for their hot tempers, freckly faces, and witchy ways. But there are always two sides to every gold coin, and at the end of the rainbow, there’s a whole sexy pot of them. Here are five lesser-known facts about redheads to get your shamrocks off:

1. They Are, in Fact, Genetic Mutants

That might not sound particularly sexy, but it’s the mutation of the MC1R gene that gives redheads their unusual coloring—as well as their sensitive responses to certain stimuli. MC1R is associated with pain receptors in the brain, which seems to impact their low tolerance of physical discomfort and might even ignite their quick temper. (Stop asking if the carpet matches the drapes; it’s annoying!) But hey — bragging rights: you’re dating a mutant!

2. They Have More Sex

A recent University of Hamburg study examined the sex lives (and hair color) of hundreds of German women, revealing that redheads are significantly more sexually active than their blonde and brunette counterparts. The bright, bold color conveys to men youth, fertility—and a bit of kinkiness. Hitler allegedly banned marriage between redheads to prevent “deviant offspring.” And if something makes Hitler angry, it must be great!

3. Redheads Are More Sensitive to Pain

According to several studies, including one conducted by an anesthesiologist at the Cleveland Clinic, gingers require 20% more anesthesia during dental and medical procedures. They are also more sensitive to the heat and cold. Again, blame it on that MC1R gene variant! But before you do that, pause to revel in all the sensuous possibilities that dwell in these physiological facts.

4. Redheads Don’t Go Gray

Gentlemen prefer blondes? Perfect–red hair does not gray like other colors. Instead, most redheads become increasingly golden blonde with age (before going white much further down the road). Just imagine starting out with a fiery redhead who will eventually morph into a dumb blonde. Fellas, it’s a veritable 2-for-1 special!

5. Redheads Are Here to Stay

We could watch her do this all day.

We could watch her do this all day.

Despite a long-standing rumor that this small population is actually going extinct, it’s just not possible. A genetics professor at Stanford has determined that 4% of the world’s population carries the recessive redhead gene, a number large enough to ensure that these kinky, anesthesia averse mutants will continue to saunter the Earth.

Knowledge is power, and now that you have the facts, go forth and kiss a ginger. As Playboy once said, “Redheads are like other women—only more so.” Do you have what it takes to win one over?

– Barbara Purcell, Man Cave Daily


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