Thanks to a new bill being introduced in the Georgia legislature, we here at JACK FM think Representative Bill Hitchens is quite possibly the greatest politician in the history of ever. In fact, we’re even thinking of moving to Georgia just so we could live in the automotive utopia he’s proposing. The new bill is named simply HB 459, but the ramifications are glorious.

You tell us if this sounds familiar. You’re driving down the freeway at a speed we can’t publicly endorse, but let’s be honest, no one we would want to hang out with drives at just 65mph. So yeah, you speed, but hey, at least you keep it in the fast lane right?

Suddenly, you find yourself barreling down on someone driving at the exact speed limit in the fast lane, or even worse, slower. You swerve to avoid a collision. You curse as you pass them. You cut them off getting back in the fast lane. Seriously, what’s they’re problem? Don’t they know they’re a road hazard?

Well Bill Hitchens sure knows it, and he’s willing to do something about it. The new bill would make it illegal to drive slower than the posted speed limit in the fast lane. If you’re busted going below the limit, you could be cited with a moving violation.

Rep. Tanner, a sponsor of the bill, told the Huffington Post that “This type of behavior causes accidents and road rage and that type of thing.”

You’re damn straight. Now go listen to Ludacris.

– Carlos Delgado, CBS Radio


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