Thrash metal fans have long acknowledged Motorhead as the founders of their genre, and metalheads all bow to Lemmy. Gene Simmons has long referred to KISS as a “brand, not a band,” and hip-hop artists routinely extend into fashion, headphones and custom alcoholic beverages. So, now Motorhead is extending their brand into some of those same areas (though, as of yet, they haven’t put out a custom casket, as KISS has). So, here’s a list of gifts you can get for the Lemmy lover in your life who already has every Motorhead album and t-shirt.

  1. Motorheadphones: If you’re worried that someone hasn’t lost enough of their hearing, this might be the perfect gift.  Per the official website, most designer headphones fall prey to sacrificing too much in a quest for loud bass sound: “Unfortunately most headphone makers (in a desperate hunt to achieve that warm low end) end up sacrificing the presence and dynamics in the mid and high end areas of the sound spectrum.” The result is that the guitars don’t sound as good. “Most of the music we listen to today, is guitar-based rock and pop. There was nothing which allowed for the heavy rock experience, nothing which could accommodate the crushing power of loud rock’n’roll.” Consider that problem (if you thought it was a problem) solved, via three models of Motorheadphones:  Bomber, Iron Fist and Motorizer.  Additionally, there are six models of earbuds.motorheadphones1 Motorhead: The Powerful Brand In Metal?
  2. Leather Jackets: What other kind of jacket are you going to wear over your Motorhead t-shirt?  The Motorhead leather jacket, of course, comes in the classic biker style and wouldn’t look out of place on an episode of Sons Of Anarchy.  Get it at the band’s website for $600.
  3. Booze: Of course! Motorhead (and their fans) have been known to have a fondness for spirits.  So, they’ve opened up the Motorhead Drinks Shop. They serve vodka (of course), lager (no surprise), shiraz (seriously) and rose (really!).

Motorhead’s latest release is the live collection The World Is Ours Vol. 2.

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Brian Ives, CBS Local 


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