The cliché of Valentine’s Day (that rhymed), is that one devours a massive amount of sweets appropriately known as aphrodisiacs. Chocolate covered strawberries may be the most well-known chocolate-dipped indulgence, but here at Jack we have our own take on what really should be dipped in chocolate.

10. Chocolate Covered Bacon First thing’s first, BACON. Start off with breakfast in bed for your significant other. If you haven’t yet discovered it, then do so…Jack’s orders. The perfect combination of sweet and savory, your lover will be beggin’ for bacon.

9. Chocolate Covered Pretzels. Chocolate dipped pretzels, they are heaven on earth. Since we’re on a roll with the concept of dipping sodium infused foods in chocolate, this one had to be added to list.

8. Chocolate Covered Malt Balls. Everyone has had their fair share of sticking their hand in the candy dispenser at your local supermarket and releasing the malt balls into your hand, then shoving em’ in your mouth really fast so no one sees. Not only does the process of acquiring them provide a thrill (essential for V-day), but they’re free, and delicious.

7. Berries. The best way to create and enjoy chocolate dipped berries is the following: Take a stroll through the woods with your honey, bring a camelpak filled with liquid chocolate, pick some berries, shove-em in the camelpak, and you’ll have a portable Valentine’s treat. Think outside the box guys. The thrill is what the holiday is REALLY is about.

6. Waffle Cones. Fresh baked (preferably Ben & Jerry’s) waffle cones are delectable as it is, but chocolate…dipped…waffle…cones are a step into a different dimension.

5. Frozen Chocolate Dipped Oranges…hate if you want…but one can enjoy the citrus, vitamin-c filled fruit and feel good about themselves after reading the first two options…just saying.

4. Marshmallows. Wait no…Nuts. Wait no…marshmallows dipped in chocolate with nuts on top. Score!

3. Nanners. Once again, a healthy option for you pansies attempting to “get fit for the spring/summer”. Take it from The Stones or the Specials and be a “Monkey Man”. Frozen chocolate covered bananers are a definite aphrodisiac that your monkey woman is sure to enjoy.

2. Chocolate Donuts. If you’re a cop, you’ll appreciate this one. Not only do you receive your daily intake of dough and sugar, you also get it dipped in chocolate. Okay possibly you can have a topping on it as well but that’s as far as we’ll go. Okay fine we’ll give you Dr. Cranfill dipped in chocolate, while eating a chocolate covered donut, while drinking chocolate out of a camelpak.

1. Jack LA’s very own Dr. Cranfill is quite possibly the best thing to dip in chocolate. Close competition to chocolate covered bacon, he is chocolate dipped straight from the rolling green hills of North Carolina. If you’re lucky, Dr. Cranfill will deliver your Valentine Horrorscope while engulfed in a tub of chocolate. Does anyone else see a strange resemblance to Augustus Gloop?


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