Metal Day Playlist – Free MP3 Downloads

Today is 11/11/11, and in addition to being the release date for about 1000 movies, it’s also National Metal Day (way more important). To get you in the spirit of things, we’re hooking you up with a ton of free metal MP3s, courtesy of our friends at and Artery Records.

Artery Records, an independent label from Sacramento, CA founded in 2010 is home to a bunch of great metal bands. They have the full spectrum of the genre cover pretty well, from deathcore groups like [mp3com-artist]Chelsea Grin[/mp3com-artist] and [mp3com-artist]Attila[/mp3com-artist], to post-hardcore group [mp3com-artist]Close to Home[/mp3com-artist], to metalcore with [mp3com-artist]The Crimson Armada[/mp3com-artist], to post hardcore with [mp3com-artist]Vanna[/mp3com-artist].

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Read more about the bands featured on the playlist below:

chelsea grin Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads

Chelsea Grin

[mp3com-artist]Chelsea Grin[/mp3com-artist] are named after a British soccer hooligan term.  In hooligan terminology, a Chelsea grin is when you cut open the corners of a person’s mouth (think the Joker in Batman) and then kick them in the groin to make their face split into a bloody grimace.  Nice huh? Chelsea Grin (the band) use a foundation of hardcore grit combined with death metal technicality and grind speed in a triple guitar attack to produce as much aural harm as the back alley jaw split.

i declare war Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads

I Declare War

One of the heavyweights on the deathcore scene these days, Seattle-based group [mp3com-artist]I Declare War[/mp3com-artist] bring a diverse set of influences to their sound.  To wit, their band is named after either (there is some dispute over this in the band) the name of a Jay-Z tour or a Pace Won album.

vanna Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads


[mp3com-artist]Vanna [/mp3com-artist] are a rising act in the legendary Boston hardcore scene, which includes legendary groups like [mp3com-artist]Bane[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Converge[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Have Heart[/mp3com-artist]. With the release of their latest EP The Honest Hearts, Vanna show themselves to be well on their way to joining their heroes as an integral part of the history of that scene.

crimson armada Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads

The Crimson Armada

[mp3com-artist]The Crimson Armada[/mp3com-artist] are experimenters, merging the different genres of metal and hardcore with a whole range of other influences. While some purists may look down on this approach, groups who push boundaries further like this are the future of the genre.

attila1 Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads


Many people think of metal as a deathly serious type of music, but [mp3com-artist]Attila[/mp3com-artist] are just here to have a good time. Describing their sound as “party death metal” the Atlanta based group’s mantra is “You should do whatever it takes to have fun and enjoy the music you’re hearing. A party is whatever you make it out to be.” What could be rock n’ roll than that?

casino madrid Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads

Casino Madrid

[mp3com-artist]Casino Madrid[/mp3com-artist] are the most recent addition to Artery Records.  Hailing from sandiego, they are currently at work on their first release.  Working with producer Will Puntey ([mp3com-artist]Lamb Of God[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]Suicide Silence[/mp3com-artist], [mp3com-artist]For Today[/mp3com-artist]) they hope to take their sound to the next level. “His range is crazy,” said vocalist Joe Demaio of working with Puntey. “We couldn’t be more stoked to work with him.”

close to home Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads

Close to Home

Having toured all over the country and self releasing two EP’s, [mp3com-artist] Close to Home[/mp3com-artist] are ready to lay down their debut LP. Due out this coming February, the album represents a triumph over many adversities for the band. Having honed their sound and songwriting for years, they are ready for wherever this next step takes them.

a bullet for a pretty boy Metal Day Playlist   Free MP3 Downloads

A Bullet for Pretty Boy

With an LP and a sold out cross country tour now under their belt, [mp3com-artist]A Bullet For Pretty Boy[/mp3com-artist] are feeling pretty good about the past year. The Texas based group, who take their name from legendary Drepression-era gangster Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd, are part of a new generation on young metalcore groups who are rapidly gaining popularity. Keep an eye on them, they might just be then next big thing.


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