We’d like to use the term exotic beers but some of these are just downright weird. Don’t expect to find too many of these (or any) on the shelves of your local liquor stores.

Beers a beer, right? Not the case with some of these crazy lagers and ales from across the world. Some of these you may be too afraid to drink, while others will knock you on your butt after a single gulp.

Check out the weirdest beers we’ve ever heard of!

Sink the Bismarck!

sink the bismarck Drink Up: Weirdest Beers In The World
The German battleship the Bismarck was one of the most famous warships in World War II. Nowadays we remember her with the strongest beer ever produced.

From Brew Dog Brewery this quadruple IPA has an ABV of 41%. This beer could put you over the legal driving limit with a single gulp!

This would be a bad beer choice for a power hour

Dog Beer

Finally, man’s best friend can relax after a long day with a refreshing brew.

Royal Virility Beer

 Drink Up: Weirdest Beers In The World

Royal Virility Performance is a beer in honor of the Royal Wedding that is marketed as being loaded with ‘various well known aphrodisiacs’ according to the manufacturer Brew Dog Brewery.

Key ingredients include herbal viagra, chocolate, and horny goat weed. Drinking three of these bad boys is supposed to be the equivalent of one viagra pill.

Brew Dog is set to produce only 1,000 of these bottles.

It says “Arise Prince Willy” on the bottle. We think that’s pretty funny.

Moa – Breakfast Beer

breakfast brew Drink Up: Weirdest Beers In The World

Moa Brewery recently came under fire for marketing their latest creation as a breakfast beer.

“Breathtakingly bold” – National Addiction Centre director (in reference to the marketing, but he did also go on to say it is “normalising pathological behaviour”)

They’re sticking with it though, and the breakfast beer is proudly displayed on their homepage.


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