sabastianbach Skid Rows Sebastain Bach Rules Out Reunion: I Dont Wanna Lie To My Fans

Former [lastfm]SKID ROW[/lastfm] singer [lastfm]Sebastian Bach[/lastfm] was interviewed on an afternoon edition of  “The BS” (“The Buckethead Show”) on Orlando, Florida’s Real Radio 104.1.   A couple of excerpts from the interview follow.

On why he sometimes takes issue with interviewers who “harp on the [lastfm]SKID ROW [/lastfm]days”:

Bach: “They’re [the current lineup of [lastfm]SKID ROW[/lastfm]] still around and they’re playing where they play and I have to go on the Internet all the time and explain to people that I’m not in the band, and it’s just frustrating.

“If you got fired from a job, everywhere you go, it wouldn’t be, ‘Jimmy who worked at McDonald’s in ’89.’ You’d be like, ‘Get over it.’ [laughs]”

On why he can’t reunite with his former bandmates as [lastfm]SKID ROW[/lastfm]:

Bach: “Let me answer it as honestly as I can. You’re talking about… When [lastfm]SKID ROW[/lastfm] was last good… We broke up in ’96, but I don’t even count that. I would say ’91 was when we were last really a good band. I just don’t live in 1991 in 2010, and I’m talking about four other guys that I haven’t seen in 15 years.

“I think of [lastfm]SKID ROW[/lastfm] the same way you might think of picking up your high-school yearbook. You have affection for what happened 30 years ago, but you look at the yearbook and you go, ‘Oh, cool,’ and you shut it, and it’s today.

“I don’t know those people.

“It’s not sports. It’s not like a team.

“When I watch [‘That Metal Show’ host] Eddie Trunk‘s show — I love Eddie Trunk; he’s one of my good friends — but he talks about musicians like they’re sports teams.

“I don’t express musically what they [the current lineup of [lastfm]SKID ROW[/lastfm]] express in their last record.

“If you listen to their last record and you listen to my last record, then your answer would be right in front of you.

“If I wanted to just play songs from 30 years ago, then I would call ’em and we would go out with [lastfm]FOGHAT[/lastfm] and [lastfm]KANSAS[/lastfm]. But then I’d be lying to you. That’s the way I feel.

“I look at [lastfm]SKID ROW[/lastfm] and the nose chain and I go, ‘Wow, cool. Neat.’ And I shut the book. It’s not relevant today to me.

“I don’t wanna lie to my fans.

“To me, I would want honesty from my artists.

[lastfm]Robert Plant [/lastfm]can’t go anywhere without hearing, ‘Hey, why don’t you do [lastfm]LED ZEPPELIN[/lastfm]?’ ‘Cause it’s not in his heart. ‘Raising Sand’ with [lastfm]Alison Krauss[/lastfm] is who [lastfm]Robert Plant[/lastfm] is — he’s not squeezing the lemon juice down his leg at the age of 65. [laughs] And I’m not the ‘Youth Gone Wild’, I’m sorry — I’m 42. It’s a great song, but I’m not gonna pretend that it’s who I am today, ’cause it’s not.”

[Source: Blabbermouth]


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