ozzy Interview: Five Things Ozzy Osbourne Wants You To Know About Him

[lastfm]Ozzy Osbourne[/lastfm] may have earned the nickname the Prince of Darkness, but during our recent interview, the 61-year-old heavy-metal icon and reformed drug abuser turned out to be quite friendly–a genuine ‘lovable rogue’ with a granddad charm in his voice. When I asked him to list five things he would like the public to know about him, he responded without hesitation–and the answers just may surprise you.

Like most granddads, Ozzy was more than happy to answer questions. These included clearing up rumors regarding who’s to represent him in the upcoming biopic I Am Ozzy; five favorite documentaries he likes to watch during his spare time; and sharing stories about his new gig as a medical advisor for the U.K.’s Sunday Times (and soon for Rolling Stone as well).

Behold, as this metal icon, reality-TV star, health advisor, and father of five tells it like it is. Be warned, he uses adult language that may not be safe for work.

Five things Ozzy Osbourne wants the public to know about him:
1. “I’m sincere.”
2. “I try my hardest to please.”
3. “I love them loving me.”
4. “I love being Ozzy Osbourne.”
5. “I love my family.”

While you listen to the interview below, check out our Ozzy Osbourne photo gallery!

Q: Scream debuts new guitar player [lastfm]Gus G[/lastfm], who replaced Zakk Wylde. Were you nervous about facing any backlash from fans?

Five musicians Ozzy Osbourne has enjoyed sharing the stage with:
1. [lastfm]Randy Rhoads[/lastfm]
2. [lastfm]Gus G[/lastfm]
3. [lastfm]Zakk Wylde[/lastfm]
4. [lastfm]Jake E. Lee[/lastfm]
5. (undecipherable)

Q: You’ve been making music for almost 40 years. Where do you find the inspiration to continue to make music, and have you thought about retiring? Not that we want you to retire anytime soon!

When we asked Ozzy if there was a song on the album that was most personal to him, he responded, “Time.” He also added that he’s been toying with the idea of starting a new project, though he notes, “It’s not going to be techno, or jazz….”

Q: Your son’s production company, Jacko Productions is releasing a film documenting your life called Wreckage of My Past. How is this different from your biography I Am Ozzy, which is being adapted for the big screen?

Watch the trailer to Wreckage of My Past: The Story of Ozzy Osbourne:

Q: Jack Osbourne was able to get [lastfm]Paul McCartney[/lastfm] to participate in the upcoming documentary. What was that like?

Q: Your autobiography I Am Ozzy is getting the big-screen treatment. Is it true Colin Farrell is going to play you?

Q: Tell us about your health column as Dr. Ozzy for the Sunday Times.

Ozzy is well aware he’s no doctor, and finds it quite bewildering people don’t ask their own doctor for health advise. When I asked him what’s the best advice he’s given someone on his column, he shouts, “Go to the #&$*@ doctor, go to a real doctor!” Obviously his advice is not to be taken seriously. Listen below as he shares with us his experience as a medical adviser.

During his spare time, Ozzy says he likes to watch a good documentary when he has the chance.

And finally, Ozzy expounds on the topic of his forthcoming tour and the current heavy metal scene:

Watch the video to “Let Me Hear You Scream” from the album Scream:

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