ask jack6 Ask Jack 3/29/10Q: You’ve undoubtedly heard the news that the show “24” has been cancelled after this season.  That pretty much makes the picture you use for your “Ask Jack” feature relevant for only another couple weeks.  Have you given any thought to what picture you might use to replace Mr. Bauer once his run of beating the terrorists at their own game has come to a conclusion?

Maryann Anderson – Coon Rapids, MN

A: First off, thanks for the question, Maryann.  Yes, we’ve heard about “24” getting the axe.  For those of you that haven’t heard this news yet, read it and weep here.  We hadn’t even really thought about how this affected our Jack Bauer pictures, but you raise a real solid point:  Jack Bauer pictures will be irrelevant in about 8 weeks’ time.  This makes us sad.

Real sad.

Really, really sad.

… and you thought only NBC could make questionable programming decisions.

So here’s a few photos we might use for our “Ask Jack” feature once Jack Bauer goes adios.

jack swagger Ask Jack 3/29/10

WWE's Jack Swagger

jack black Ask Jack 3/29/10

Jack Black?

jack sparrow Ask Jack 3/29/10

Captain Jack Sparrow

Jack Nicholson

Jack Nicholson?

jack kerouac Ask Jack 3/29/10

Jack Kerouac?

jack russel Ask Jack 3/29/10

Jack Russell?

(From "Tropic Thunder) Simple Jack?

(From "Tropic Thunder) Simple Jack?

jack in the box Ask Jack 3/29/10

How about "Jack In The Box?"

jack magic Ask Jack 3/29/10

Magic Jack?? We're scraping the bottom of the barrel here...

jacks Ask Jack 3/29/10


Rest assured, we’ll come up with something good… maybe.

“Dr. J”


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