ask jack2 Ask Jack 3/18/10Q: Hey, Jack.  I know you usually opt to answer more “obscure” questions, but I’ve got an issue that could begin causing me some serious problems.  Why do I get REALLY tired around 4 PM EVERY day?

John Masslan – Minneapolis, MN

A: Dear John (heh, heh…):

There are a few issues we need to address here:

  1. Why are you getting tired at 4 PM daily?
  2. What can be done to remedy the situation?

First off, let’s look at why you might be getting sleepy at roughly the same time every day:

There’s no graceful way to say this, but your boss probably sucks.  Either he’s running you ragged with all sorts of busy work, or he’s so hands-off that he’s like the anti-creepy teacher that used to put their arm around you in high school all the time.  Either way he’s sapping your strength so that there’s nothing left by the time 4 PM rolls around.  Actually, we’re kind of impressed that you make it to 4:00… we get sleepy right after lunch, and it’s all we can do to keep our heads from caving in.

Now the answer as to what you can DO about it:

  • Studies have shown that a moderate amount of tanning can actually raise the vitamin D levels in your system to the point where an increase in energy is noticed.  Unfortunately if you go this route, you’ll need to turn in your man card.
  • There are “substances” out there that can give you a bump in energy.  Exercise caution and your better judgement in seeking out these various options… one of them didn’t work out too swell for Corey Haim.
  • The best option of all:  Live with it for one more hour, and listen to Jack FM’s Commercial-Free “Happy Ending” on your way home.  It’s 104 minutes of straight music with none of those pesky commercials to wreck your dojo.

The best option in our opinion is the third having to do with Jack’s Commercial-Free “Happy Ending.”  Of course you might also try giving yourself a bit more of an energy reserve to draw from in the morning by eating a balanced breakfast and listening to Jack’s Commercial-Free “Jumpstart” at 8 AM on your way into work.

… and if none of that works, try “shameless self-promotion.”

Thanks for the question, John


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