Ask Jack 3/17/2010

ask jack1 Ask Jack 3/17/2010Q: I’m not a big fan of Spring or Fall.    It’s either way too hot, or way too cold in my office building.  Do you have any suggestions as to how to deal with this until the warmer weather is here for good?

Jessica Barker – St. Louis Park, Minnesota

A: First off, thanks for the question, Jessica.  We at Jack FM know all too well about the temperature fluctuations that occur in one’s place of work this time of year as we battle with the same thing.  The tricky part about dealing with this phenomenon is that it’s almost like appendicitis; you can only deal with the affliction when it decides of its own accord to present itself.  That being said, our advice would be to dress in layers… kind of.  We’ll explain:

If it’s too hot in your office, you don’t want to be stuck in all that hot winter clothing, you’d rather have something light and airy.  For this we recommend a sun dress.  Not only do such dresses fill the “light and airy” requirement, they’re also pretty swell to look at.  Too hot problem:  Solved.

You may be wondering about the advice we’ll offer you to fix the “too cold issue,” and we think we came up with some Grade A material for that as well.


Yes… the blanket with sleeves.  You might look at someone wearing one of those and think to yourself that “they look like a monk with a slightly brighter wardrobe,” but the goal here is function over form.  The Snuggie is easily worn, and the sleeves make sure you have full use of your appendages.  Too cold problem:  Also Solved.

There you go.

Your “too hot” issue has been addressed.

Your “too cold” issue has been addressed.

And we’ve encouraged one more female to dawn a sun dress.

Clearly a win/win for all parties.

“Dr. J”


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