We can't even play Oregon Trail on our computer...

Odds are that if you’re reading this, one of two things has happened:

1.)  You’re one of the 104.1 Jack FM faithful and you frequent http://www.1041jackfm.com

2.)  You’re NOT one of the 104.1 Jack FM faithful, and you were mistakenly directed here by some popup window that interrupted your video whose contents included (but weren’t limited to):  Ping pong balls, a donkey, and candle wax.

If your specific situation involves the former, um… thanks?  If it involves the later… sorry.  This is as good as our website gets.

Actually, this is the new and improved version of http://www.1041jackfm.com.  We’d decided the redesign was necessary after we’d learned researchers at the University of Minsk had trained monkeys to design websites about “flinging poo” that were more advanced than the site we had.

So our website has been redesigned and one of the new features is a blog.

We can’t promise that our new blog will be informative.

We can’t promise it will hold any social relevance.

We can’t promise it’ll even be any good.

We WILL promise that it’ll give us something to do when “playing what we want” includes the 13-minute version of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

So maybe you need some advice.  Maybe you have a burning question that can only be answered with our randomness and infinite knowledge.  Or maybe — just maybe — you want to inspire one of our incoherent rants.  Drop us a comment, and we’ll be sure to address your concern with the utmost irreverence.

Wow… all that stuff you just read was really just a really long way of saying that “we have a new website and a new blog.”  Check back for news, info, answers to your questions, frequent randomness, and other… um… stuff.

“Dr. J”


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